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Midland, Texas: The Regional Center of the Permian Basin

City Population (Estimated) 116,924   

County Population (Estimated) 144,369

Midland, Texas is the regional center of the Permian Basin. Midland is located in the center of the 100-mile radius Permian Basin and is the administrative and management center for the oil and gas industry of the Permian Basin.

* 61+% of Texas' Oil Production
* 16+% of US Reserves
* 17+% of Texas' Gas Production
* 17+% of US Gas Production

*Source: Desert Analytic, Texas Comptroller's Office, US Bureau of Labor Statistics

As the administrative and management center for the oil and gas industry of the Permian Basin, economic diversification is expanding the economic base of the area, Midland has extended this significant role and established itself in:

* Aerospace and Aviation
* Business and Industry
* Ranching and Agriculture
* Healthcare
* Retirement
* A regional based, national chain dominated, retail service sector

Additionally, as the administrative headquarters for the Permian Basin oil industry, the Midland/Odessa MSA has:

* 7.5 million square feet of office space
* 2,300+ oil, gas and support companies

Sports luminaries also hail from Midland. NASCAR driver Bobby Hillin is a Midlander, as are Jim Hall and Chaparral Racing, world-renowned builder of Indy race cars. Midland also claims two Kentucky Derby winners, Alysheba (1988) and Tommy Lee (1959).  

Source :  The Nielson Company 2014 Claritas Report
Permian Basin History

Midland History

In 1880, the Texas Pacific Railroad began to lay tracks westward from Fort Worth at about the same time that the Southern Pacific began building east from El Paso. The place where the tracks met became known as Midway. Later, the name was changed to Midland.  
Prior to WWI, Midland was a prosperous railroad town serving the surrounding ranching community. However, on May 27, 1923, the future of Midland would change with the discovery of oil. At 6:00 a.m., just 70 miles southeast of Midland, the Santa Rita No. 1 blew, changing the history of Midland, Texas.
Today, Midland is a thriving community in the heart of the the Permian Basin oil region. Home to more than 20% of the nation’s oil reserves, Midland regularly supplies more than 60% of all oil and gas produced in Texas. In fact, outside of Houston, no other area in the US plays a more important role in the nation’s energy industry than the cities of Midland and Odessa. 

Midland, Texas has been nicknamed the "Tall City" because of the impressive downtown buildings that can be seen for miles on the horizon when approaching the City.  The "Sky's the Limit" has been a city motto for decades and has been referenced by former President George W. Bush. 
The city is proud to be the hometown of former First Lady Laura Bush and the former home of two U.S. Presidents, George H. Bush and George W. Bush. 

The Midland-Odessa region is on the southern extension of the South Plains of Texas. The terrain is level with only slight occasional undulations.

The climate is typical of a semi-arid region. The vegetation of the area consists mostly of native grasses and a few trees, mostly of the mesquite variety.

Daytime temperatures are quite hot in the summer, but there is a large diurnal range of temperature and most nights are comfortable. The temperature drops below 32 degrees in the fall about mid-November and the last temperature below 32 degrees in spring comes early in April.

Winters are characterized by cold periods followed by rapid warming. Cold frontal passages followed by chilly weather for two or three days. Cloudiness is at a minimum. Summers are hot and dry with numerous small convective showers.

The prevailing wind direction in this area is from the southeast. This, together with the upslope flow of the terrain from the same direction, causes occasional low cloudiness and drizzle during winter and spring months. Snow is infrequent. Maximum temperatures during the summer months frequently are from 2 to 6 degrees cooler than those at places 100 miles southeast, due to cooling effect of the upslope winds.

Very low humidities are conducive to personal comfort, because even though summer afternoon temperatures are frequently above 90 degrees, the low humidity with resultant rapid evaporation, has a cooling effect. The climate of the area is generally quite pleasant with the most disagreeable weather concentrated in the late winter and spring months.
Source: National Weather Service


Month High Low
January 56.3° 27.6°
February 55.6° 31.9°
March 70.3° 39.0°
April 76.6° 50.1°
May 85.7° 57.7°
June 97.4° 70.7°
July 89.0° 70.4°
August 97.5° 69.9°
September 88.7° 64.0°
October 81.5° 50.6°
November 69.6° 36.4°
December 63.3° 30.8°


State Government


Texas has cultivated a business climate second to none, consistently attracting employers seeking a better place to start or expand their businesses. 

The State of Texas is actively involved in economic development. Texas Legislature has established and consistently funded tools to attract and create Texas jobs by providing competitive incentives that keeps Texas in the forefront of new industry and technology.

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County Government

Midland County serves as the county seat of Midland, Texas.   The Midland Texas Metropolitan Statistical Area is comprised of the city of Midland and Midland County.   The county is served by a county judge and four commissioners.

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Midland County Courthouse

City Government


The Charter for the City of Midland was submitted to the City Council by the Charter Committee on August 22, 1940, and was adopted by election on November 5, 1940.  The Charter is the formal document adopted by Midland, as a home rule city, to provide the full power of local self-government.  It describes the city’s governmental and proprietary powers; defines its form of government; establishes its administrative structure; establishes the authority for annexation of land; granting of franchises and other functions; and provides for controls such as initiative, referendum, and recall. 
The City of Midland is served by Mayor Wes Perry in addition to six representatives on the City Council.
City Council 2010
(Top left) John Love District Two, Jerry Morales At-Large, Jeff Sparks District One, John James District Three,
(Bottom left) Michael Trost District Four, Mayor Wes Perry, Scott Dufford At-Large.


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