The Midland Development Corporation (MDC), is here to provide assistance to businesses who operate in Midland or are considering moving to our area. The focus of our organization is on creating opportunities for businesses and families located within Midland. We do so through economic development activities, outreach, education and by providing support.

Support and Initiatives

MDC is the go-to source for economic data about Midland and the overall region. Businesses, site selectors, and investors count on us to provide real-time data and GIS Planning tools that can be used to make informed decisions.

We also provide direct assistance for businesses who are interested in locating or growing within Midland.

Financial incentives and loan programs are available for companies creating jobs in Midland.

The MDC has funded an incubator and makerspace where innovators and start-ups can grow their businesses while having access to resources available within the University of Texas system.

The Midland Development Corporation is committed to improving transportation within the city to ensure that businesses continue to have the infrastructure needed to grow. Through our transportation initiative, we have partnered with the City of Midland and TXDot to accelerate the completion of projects such as the overpass at Loop 250 and County Road 1150.

These are just a few of the many ways that we are promoting economic growth in Midland, Texas.


The MDC was created in January 2002 to promote business expansion, job creation, and capital investment to diversify and strengthen the Midland, Texas, economy. We do so by offering incentives to qualified new and existing employers who create jobs for the community. Midland voters made these incentives possible when they approved a quarter-cent increase in the local sales tax rate, with additional revenues earmarked to promote economic development and diversification.

A seven-member board appointed by the City Council governs the Midland Development Corporation.


Promote and advance opportunities that enhance and diversify the strength and stability of the Midland economy.


  • The Midland Development Corporation will attract diversified industries and businesses to Midland.
  • The Midland Development Corporation will retain and encourage expansion of existing businesses.
  • The Midland Development Corporation will provide assistance to develop areas of the City of Midland that meet the city’s development objectives.
  • The Midland Development Corporation will market, recruit, and strengthen Midland’s workforce for current and future employers.