Midland, Texas is rich in talent. It is the talent of our people, their hard work ethic, and their desire to succeed and innovate that has led to consistent economic growth in our region. Business leaders know that they can count on our workforce to deliver consistent results and support mission-critical objectives.


A well-educated workforce is essential in a competitive global environment and workers must be able to update and expand their knowledge as new technology and ways of working evolve. The Permian Basin has more than 260,000 professionals in the regional labor pool who have the educational expertise and technical aptitude to serve your industry. Many of these workers have post-secondary education and Midland has nearly twice the national average of trained engineers.

The Midland MSA has added over 19,000 jobs since January 2017 (Texas Workforce Commission). Post-secondary and higher education resources are readily available within the Midland area to serve area residents and businesses.

Midland Metropolitan Statistical Area
 Civilian Labor ForceEmployed UnemployedUnemployment Rate
May 2024115,822112,9992,8932.4%
April 2024116,498113,8942,6042.2%
March 2024116,336113,3223,0142.6%
February 2024116,366113,0303,3362.9%
January 2024114,923111,9742,9492.6%
December 2023115,613113,1952,4182.1%
November 2023116,785114,2652,7632.2%
October 2023115,562112,7982,7642.4%
September 2023115,511112,5742,9372.5%
August 2023115,843112,5613,2822.8%
July 2023115,662112,3613,3012.9%
June 2023114,685111,7142,9712.6%
May 2023113,648110,6522,9962.6%
April 2023114,015111,3762,6392.3%
March 2023114,569111,5353,0342.6%
February 2023114,496111,0623,4343.0%
January 2023113,380110,2793,1012.7%
December 2022104,497102,7612,7362.6%
November 2022104,705101,7602,9452.8%
October 2022104,155101,0853,0702.9%
September 2022103,969100,8453,1263.0%
August 2022103,701100,2483,4533.3%
July 2022103,60899,9623,6473.5%
June 2022104,300100,5143,7863.6%
May 2022103,490100,0703,4203.3%

Click here to read the full May 2024 Midland MSA report.

Permian Basin Workforce Development Area*
 Civilian Labor ForceEmployed UnemployedUnemployment Rate
May 2024277,505269,7397,7662.8%
April 2024278,365271,1637,2022.6%
March 2024277,636269,3138,3233.0%
February 2024277,334268,1369,1983.3%
January 2024273,846265,5888,2583.0%
December 2023272,517265,6906,8272.5%
November 2023275,597268,5237,0742.6%
October 2023273,257265,4857,7722.8%
September 2023273,168264,9368,2323.0%
August 2023273,096263,8199,2773.4%
July 2023272,931263,6189,3133.4%
June 2023271,475262,9618,5143.1%
May 2023269,539261,1228,4173.1%
April 2023271,360263,8157,5452.8%
March 2023272,878264,1638,7153.2%
February 2023272,007262,3649,6613.6%
January 2023269,452260,6218,8313.3%
December 2022253,306245,2178,0893.3%
November 2022252,237243,5748,6633.4%
October 2022251,322242,3648,9583.6%
September 2022251,453242,3239,1303.6%
August 2022251,021240,83310,1884.1%
July 2022252,259241,53910,7204.2%
June 2022252,679241,53111,1484.4%
May 2022251,912241,9209,9924.0%
*Counties in WDA: Andrews, Borden, Crane, Dawson, Ector, Gaines, Glasscock, Howard, Loving, Martin, Midland, Pecos, Reeves, Terrell, Upton, Ward, & Winkler

Click here to read the full May 2024 Permian Basin WDA Report.