Professional & Business Services

Industry Overview

Midland serves as the business epicenter for the majority of west Texas. Local companies have the luxury of building relationships with the financial, legal and other services needed to manage a successful business. From the vibrant Central Business District to the ClayDesta Business Park, Midland provides a conducive environment  for firms and companies to provide professional services to the ever-growing business community of Midland and surrounding areas.


Central Business District

With more than 3.3 million square feet of office space, Midland's Central Business District is the professional and business services hub of the Permian Basin. With 2 million sq. ft. of class “A” office space, 98.8% is occupied with available sites to provide opportunities for new development. Total employment in the Midland area is expected to grow by almost 14% by 2015 with mining and professional services employment accounting for a substantial amount of the increase.

Realizing that “Quality of Place” is a critical factor in attracting and retaining educated talent, the MDC has committed 30% of its revenue to the improvement of the Central Business District (CBD). The financial commitment of the MDC will stimulate private/public reinvestment; provide a catalyst for peripheral mixed-use developments and solidify the CBD’s status as the premier business center in the Permian Basin.

Centennial Plaza is located in the heart of the CBD adjacent to the conference center. Recent renovations have transformed the park from structured, intimate, and sometimes choreographed spaces into a more open and expanded design with updated walking surfaces, more lighting, multi-colored lighted fountains and vertical water features. The new design gives the public the opportunity to gather for events or leisure and enjoy a green, outdoor space.

ClayDesta Business Park

With 1,576,175 square feet of upscale office space, Claydesta Business Park located north of the CBD, is home to companies such as Clayton Williams Energy, Occidental Petroleum and Apache Corporation. The complex includes multi-family housing and retail. Greenfield sites are also available for new development.

Key Companies

  • Finance
  • Bank of America
  • Commercial State Bank
  • Community National Bank
  • FirstCapital Bank of Texas
  • Johnson & Miller
  • Prosperity Bank
  • Weaver
  • West Texas National Bank


  • Burleson, LLP
  • Cotton, Bledsoe, Tighe and Dawson, PC
  • Davis Gerald & Cremer: Goss Shannan E
  • Stubbeman, McRae, Sealy, Laughlin, & Browder, Inc.