Utility rates in Midland, Texas are lower than the national average, making our area even more affordable for businesses looking to grow

The City of Midland Utilities Department can be reached at 432-685-7320. More information can be found here

Oncor is the primary utility provider for the Permian Basin. Because of the deregulation of the Texas electricity market, consumers can choose which company they want to buy their electricity from. The companies that sell electricity are called Retail Electric Providers (REP). Oncor owns, operates, and maintains the poles, wires, and meters used to deliver electricity from the power plants to homes and businesses for the REP. Oncor does not buy or sell electricity, they just deliver the electricity. Below is a chart that shows the average rates for all sectors last year in the state of Texas.

average utilities price chart

The T-Bar Water Line came online in May of 2013. The 67 mile long waterline stretches from Midland to the T-Bar ranch. It is $200 million dollar investment and should provide the citizens of Midland with water for approximately 40 years.

Current Water and Sewer Rate

Supplier and Distributor of City Water Colorado River Municipal Water District/City of Midland
Total years and months supply: 50 years supply
Source of City's Water: Lake Spence, Lake Thomas, Lake Ivie, Paul Davis Well Field
Maximum capacity of the system (gal/day) 68 million gallons per day
Age of Treatment Plant: Built in 1970, expanded and updated in 1990, 2003
Treatment capacity: 38 million gallons per day
Average Daily Usage (gal/day) 22.2 million gal/day
Peak demand to date 47 million gal/day
Water cost per 1,000 gallons $14.00 - first 2,000 gallons,
  then $3.18/1,000 gallons after that
  Businesses located outside the City, but on City of Midland service are charged 1.5 times the City rate. Service outside city limits must be approved by City Council and recipient must agree to be annexed at City's request.
Solid Waste
Service provided by: City of Midland
Maximum capacity: Year 2069
Volume remaining: 26,011,726 tons
Daily volume: 619 tons/day (313 days)
Total volume (2005): 193,645.68 tons
Total volume (2006, projected @ 2% growth): 197,518.59 tons/year
Service provided by: City of Midland
Treatment capacity: 21.0 million gallons/day
Average daily usage (gal/day) 11.99 million gallons/day
Peak demand: 14.2 million gallons/day
Sewer cost per 1,000 gallons: $16.96 minimum/first 25,000 gallons;
  68 cents/1,000 for the next 475,000 gallons;
  52 cents/1,000 gallons for the next 500,000 gallons
  A) 5-day 20 C BOD>250 mg/1
  B) Suspended solids >250 mg/1; pre-treatment by discharger if necessary; grease, oil & sand interceptors needed if these items are in discharge; plans must be submitted and approved