Industry Overview

The Midland Development Corporation can facilitate a choice location at the Midland International Air & Space Port with numerous business trade benefits and many development opportunities for aerospace/aviation-related companies. Permian Basin workforce skills are easily transferable to the aerospace/aviation industry.


  • 8th largest airport in Texas and the first in the US to be co-located next to a spaceport
  • MAF ranked 2nd in Texas for small airports
  • 20+ commercial flight departures per day by American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and United Airlines with direct flights to seven major hubs
  • Newly renovated terminal with easy access to parking and car rental services
  • Foreign Trade Zone #165
  • MAF is within close proximity to the interstate, federal and state highways, rail lines, and motor freight service providers
  • No noise restrictions or curfews
  • Adjacent land is zoned to ensure compatible land development
  • MAF is located along the La Entrada Al Pacifico Trade Corridor connecting Mexico to Canada
  • MAF is served by Southwest Airlines Cargo, Total Logistics Corporation, Federal Express, and UPS for cargo and package shipping
  • Midland averages 347 VFR days per year offering excellent flying weather

Aerospace in Texas

  • Aerospace & Aviation directly employ more than 153,000 Texas workers.
  • There are more than 1,300 Aerospace & Aviation firms in Texas.
  • Texas leads the nation in aerospace occupations including aircraft mechanics, avionics technicians, engine assemblers, non-scheduled pilots, airfield ops specialists, and aircraft assemblers.
  • Aerospace manufacturing makes up 34% of the Aerospace & Aviation workforce.
  • 17 of the world's largest aerospace companies have operations in Texas.
  • Texas is home to more than 10% of all U.S. aerospace manufacturing jobs.

Source: Texas Wide Open for Business

Leo Labs, Inc.

midland space radar

midland space radar

MDC and Leo Labs celebrated the completion of the Midland Space Radar in April 2017 with a ribbon cutting ceremony. Construction of the radar began in September 2016 and was completed in February 2017. Leo Labs is the leading provider of data to track debris and prevent collisions in low Earth orbit (LEO) space. Their first dedicated, phased-array radar facility was completed and is now operational in Midland, Texas. 

Key Companies

  • Avion Flight Centre
  • Deer Horn Maintenance
  • Deer Horn Aviation Paint & Interior
  • Lone Star Propeller Services