Business Retention and Expansion Program

The Midland Development Corporation initiated the Business Retention and Expansion (BRE) Program in 2022, aiming to fortify Midland businesses by providing essential resources and fostering meaningful connections. While collaborating closely with the City of Midland, the MDC can find solutions to issues that Midland businesses face so they can expand and thrive in the dynamic landscape of the Permian Basin.

The BRE Visit

BRE visits are how the Midland Development Corporation can engage with local businesses. During the visit, the MDC BRE Coordinator gathers information and data from the business owner, such as workforce issues, expansion plans, and other industry details. This information is then turned into data to better understand Midland's business climate and how the MDC and the City of Midland can better serve Midland’s entrepreneurs.

Purpose of a BRE Visit

Building Lasting Relationships 

The primary goal of a BRE visit and the BRE program is to establish lasting relationships between businesses and the Midland Development Corporation. Sustained interaction lays the foundation for growth and success for our community.

Understanding Business Trends

The business climate in Midland is ever-evolving, but with BRE visits, the MDC can comprehend trends and challenges that business owners are facing.. By grasping these dynamics, we can better support businesses in navigating their paths to success.

Connecting Businesses with Resources

As a liaison, the BRE Program facilitates connections between businesses and many local resources, ensuring enterprises can access the required support and guidance.

Advocacy and Support

We advocate for the needs of businesses via various platforms, including social media and engagements with local leaders. We aim to amplify companies' voices and champion their requirements within the community.

Provide Assistance

During BRE visits, we can advise the business on state and local incentives that may be available to them.

Local Resources

The BRE Program collaborates with a diverse range of local resources, including but not limited to:

Meet the MDC's BRE Coordinator: Sammi Steele Thomas 

Before assuming her Business Retention and Expansion Coordinator role at the Midland Development Corporation, Sammi worked as a news anchor and reporter. Her passion for fostering relationships with locally owned businesses drives her dedication to making Midland a better place. During her visits, Sammi delves into the nuances of business expansion, relocation plans, workforce challenges, successes, and pain points, all to better understand and assist businesses effectively.

Contact us for a BRE visit

To explore how the Midland Development Corporation can support your business or to learn more about our resources, schedule a meeting with Sammi Steele Thomas:
Phone: 720-448-6311
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