Midland's Vibrant Community: Rising Population Trends and a Promising Future

Contrary to misconceptions, Midland is experiencing a notable increase in population. Midland is not just growing; it continues to evolve into a dynamic tapestry of cultures and backgrounds. The blend of residents from different walks of life is the cornerstone of Midland's strength. As we examine the data, it is clear that growth and exciting opportunities are on the horizon.

Demographic Profile   
The Midland, TX, MSA population was 176,914 per American Community Survey data for 2016-2020. According to the Texas Workforce Commission, Midland MSA has a civilian labor force of 115,662. The median household income in the Midland, TX MSA is $82,835, and the median house value is $230,560.

A Growing Community

Midland, Texas, situated in the heart of West Texas, is on the rise. Our community's resilience and adaptability have fueled substantial population growth; the numbers tell an impressive story.


Midland, TX


Estimated Population

2010 Census2020 CensusApril 1, 2020 EstimateJuly 1, 2022 Estimate% Change 2020-22

Midland County, TX


Estimated Population

2010 Census2020 CensusApril 1, 2020 EstimateJuly 1, 2022 Estimate% Change 2020-2022

(data from https://www.census.gov/quickfacts/fact/table/midlandcitytexas,midlandcountytexas/PST040222#PST040222)

As of July 1, 2022, within the city limits of Midland, the population is 134,444, showcasing a remarkable 1.4% growth from April 2020. Similarly, Midland County has experienced a 1.2% increase during the same period, with the population reaching 171,999. These numbers underscore the upward trajectory of our city's growth.

Why Midland is Thriving

This  population growth can be attributed to several key factors.

Economic Opportunities

Midland’s diversified industry creates numerous job opportunities that attract individuals nationwide seeking career advancement and financial stability.

Quality of Life

Midland offers an outstanding quality of life with a low cost of living, exceptional schools, and a thriving arts and culture scene—making it an ideal place to raise a family.

Business and Investment

A welcoming business environment and strategic location have enticed entrepreneurs and investors looking to capitalize on the city's growth.

Infrastructure Development

Significant investments in infrastructure, including transportation, healthcare, and education, enhance the city's appeal to residents and businesses alike.

Impact on the Community

The population growth in Midland is more than just numbers; it's a driving force behind positive community changes.

Diverse and Inclusive

The influx of newcomers from diverse backgrounds enriches our culture and broadens our perspectives, making Midland an even more vibrant and inclusive city.

Increased Services

Growing demand for essential services improves healthcare facilities, schools, and recreational amenities.  

Cultural Enrichment

The diversity of our residents contributes to a thriving arts and cultural scene, further enhancing the city's appeal.  

Economic Prosperity

A growing population fuels economic growth, attracting businesses and stimulating job creation, boosting tax revenue for public services and infrastructure development.

Embracing a Bright Future

Midland's population growth is a testament to our city's adaptability and resilience. As we look ahead, Midland is committed to sustaining this growth while preserving the unique character that makes our community special.

The Midland Development Corporation, in partnership with city leaders and residents, is dedicated to fostering an environment where businesses flourish, families thrive, and innovation knows no bounds. We invite you to be part of this exciting journey as we continue to shape Midland's bright and promising future.

Midland is not only experiencing growth but thriving. Whether you're a current resident, a prospective newcomer, or a business owner, Midland offers endless opportunities for growth, prosperity, and a high quality of life. Join us in celebrating the incredible journey of Midland, Texas, as it grows and prospers in the years to come.