Midland, Texas Climate

Midland, Texas has a dry desert climate that is ideal for those who enjoy warm temperatures and a lot of sunshine! With over 266 days of annual sunshine, an average rainfall of 14.9 inches, and an average temperature of  ‎65.45°F, Midland has a climate that encourages folks to leave their snow jackets behind them. In fact, it is common for Midlanders to spend a December or January day on the golf course while the rest of the country is covered in snow and facing freezing temperatures! June through August are the hottest months but in the heat of summer, Midlanders can cool off with a day at the pool and enjoy an evening stroll with the temperatures frequently dip to near 70°.

Annual High Temperature‎




Annual Low Temperature‎



Weather Amount
Average annual snowfall 2"
Average annual days of sunshine 266
Average annual rainfall 14.9 inches
Elevation above sea level 2,862 feet
Month Average Temperature
July Average High 96° F
July Average Low 70° F
January Average High 61° F
January Average Low 31° F