About the Spaceport Business Park in Texas

The Texas Spaceport Business Park, located at the Midland International Air & Space Port, is the first to be co-located with a major commercial airport. The spaceport is an FAA-approved Commercial Space Launch Site (spaceport), making it ideal for companies producing, testing, and launching satellites, for example. 

The Spaceport is a Premier Site for Aerospace in Texas

Current tenants include a satellite technology company, and a company that manufactures and launches satellites. Additional sites are ready for occupancy and leasing incentives are available for qualifying companies. 

Spaceport Texas Overview

  • First commercial spaceport co-located with a major commercial airport and its services and resources.
  • The spaceport area is within Midland International Air & Space Port and is under the control of the City of Midland.
  • The spaceport activity is a subset to the airport and set apart from the main terminal and ongoing commercial operations.

What We Have to Offer

  • 50-acres of land on the southeast side of the Midland International Air & Space Port has been designated as the Spaceport Business Park.
  • Ground leases available for aerospace/aviation development adjacent to air carrier-strength concrete ramp.
  • Open areas for flight and energetic testing.