Midland is a healthcare destination within the region

It is a place where families receive preventative care, women come to give birth, cancer patients go for treatment, and patients receive comprehensive care and the treatment of their diseases. Whether in need of a transplant, heart surgery, medical image, prenatal care or physical therapy - patients can have all their medical needs met in Midland.

Midland Health

Bringing  quality primary  care to all people  of Midland is one more  step in Midland Health’s Healing  Mission to make Midland the healthiest  community in Texas. Primary care includes  generalists, internal medicine, and pediatricians.  It can also include medical doctors, physician’s assistants,  and nurse practitioners.

They accept  most commercial  insurance, including  Medicare, traditional Medicaid,  and Medicaid HMOs that include FirstCare,  Superior, Amerigroup, and Medicare Advantage.

The Lifestyle Medicine Center at Midland Health

Midland  Health believes  that one cannot  be truly healthy without  considering the mind, body,  and spirit. Because of this,  they created the Lifestyle Medicine  Center—a resource for the community to  provide physical, mental, and spiritual education  so that people can experience the best life possible.  The Lifestyle Medicine Center is one of the only programs  in the United States to offer a variety of comprehensive lifestyle  intervention programs at one location.

Two  of the  programs offered  are the Ornish Lifestyle  Medicine™ program for Reversing  Heart Disease® and the Lifestyle  Medicine Clinic with Dr. Padmaja Patel.  Dr. Ornish’s Program has been proven to undo  heart disease by dealing with the root causes through  lifestyle changes, and is based on more than three decades  of research. Dr. Padmaja Patel’s program is a medically-supervised,  comprehensive lifestyle program—a unique clinic where lifestyle interventions  will be offered as the first line of treatment while using medications only  on an as-needed basis. Some of the other programs offered are Cardiac Rehab, BetterU,  Nutrition Education, and Diabetes Education: Self-Management Training.

Providing  holistic health  resources for the  community is one more  example of how Midland Health  is helping to make Midland the  healthiest community in Texas.

If you need  help finding  a physician or  setting up an appointment, they can typically be  scheduled on the same day, or within 24 hours during  weekdays. Call 432-221-DOCS (3627) or visit Midland Health at midlandhealth.org.

Midland Memorial Hospital

  • New, State-of-the-art patient tower increasing capacity and upgrading technology.
  • A multitude of services including inpatient medical and surgical care, full service cancer care in cooperation with Allison Cancer Center, Women’s Services, Heart Institute, Medical Imaging.
  • 474 beds

Midland Community Healthcare Services

Midland Community Healthcare Services predominantly serves the residents of Midland County and the adjacent rural areas. MCHS provides affordable and accessible healthcare to families with or without insurance. The number of people considered to have insurance includes those with Medicare or Medicaid and children on CHIPS. The numbers for “uninsured” would be substantially higher without this inclusion. 

MCHS provides enabling services at each of their clinics, such as case management, prescription assistance, outreach, eligibility, etc. MCHS provides all services directly. MCHS continues to refine the already excellent working relationship with MMH via additional collaborations and partnerships. MCHS continues to work with area subspecialists on a case-by-case basis on behalf of their patients. 

Midland Community Healthcare Services operates three different clinics. The Coleman Clinic, Women’s Services, and the Pediatric Clinic. 

Learn more about each of the MCHS clinics at midlandchs.org 

Texas Tech Physicians of the Permian Basin

  • Family Medicine
  • Internal Medicine
  • Behavioral Health
  • OB/GYN
  • Jenna Welch Women’s Center

Healthcare Professionals

Midland is also an excellent home for healthcare professionals. Midland Memorial’s Culture of Ownership supports the autonomy of nurses through an interdisciplinary shared governance model. A pioneer in this work, Midland Memorial became the first hospital in the nation to customize a whole-hospital Care Innovation and Transformation program with the American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE). Nurses are empowered to shape their work environment within their unit-based councils and enjoy an array of professional development opportunities in an environment that supports lifelong learning.

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