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Midland College Dual Credit & Technology Education Programs

During recent months, Dr. Steve Thomas, President of Midland College (MC) and representatives of the Midland Development Corporation (MDC) have engaged in intense planning sessions with the goal of increasing the number of students who complete college-level career and technology programs at MC. These programs, which lead to college certifications and associate degrees, prepare students to fill skilled technical positions in local businesses and industry. MC has established a five-year plan for expanding their technical education program. The transition to this new approach began in August 2017.

Enrollment will increase significantly during the upcoming academic year, and should continue to increase until the academic year 2019-2020.

Academic Year Enrollment
2016-2017 301
2017-2018 (transition year) 520
2018-2019 690
2019-2020 730
2020-2021 730
2021-2022 730


Currently, MD provides classes to students at a reduced tuition rate. To achieve targeted growth, this practice must continue as the local school districts have not appropriated funds to pay for the tuition. However, this leaves MC without critical funding to pay for the expansion of programs. Furthermore, career and technical programming, largely provided at the Advanced Technology Center (ATC), is more expensive than traditional lecture-based instruction and requires special facilities and laboratories with updated equipment and supplies.

For the 2017-2018 transition year, MC must remodel and equip two new Energy Technology labs and upgrade equipment in existing Automotive Technology, Diesel Technology, and Health Sciences labs. Additionally, MC will need to upgrade technology throughout the ATC, and employ a minimum of three new faculty members to serve additional students. These faculty members must have direct industry experience in addition to academic credentials, and will be employed for extended annual contracts.  

After the 2017-2018 transition year, MC will need to expand and equip labs based on student progression into advanced coursework, and must maintain the existing equipment. Faculty needs will grow, as will the need for library and learning resources such as computer labs.

In developing the requirements for this program, MC and MDC have focused on continuing our commitment to career and technology education with flexibility and affordability which will allow students to succeed. We believe these new and expanded programs will appeal to students who already have a strong commitment to Midland and want to remain in the Permian Basin after graduation.

To provide the needed programming, the MDC has provided MC with a five-year commitment of $1.35 million. According to the contract, the MDC shall provide $250,000 annually for the first three years beginning in August 2017, and $300,000 annually for the fourth and fifth years of the contract.


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