Midland Ranked One of Best Cities For New Business

March 21, 2013

Category: Video News

Anyone who calls the Lone Star State home already knows it's the best, but now there's proof. Texas won the Governor's Cup this year from Site Selection magazine. That means corporations have rated this as the place to be. While the state as a whole is doing well, Midland stole a lot of the spotlight.

Many businesses set their sights on the Tall City, and that caught the magazine's attention.

"This is a reflection of the tremendous growth we're having in the Permian Basin, and in Midland specifically," Robert Rendall, board member of the Midland Development Corporation, said.

Midland was ranked the 5th most desired place for corporations to move in the nation.

"A number of these companies have made announcements about expanding their facilities here or relocating to Midland," Rendall said.

Companies like XCOR, which announced last year it's plans to build a new commercial space research and development center headquarters near the airport.

"We're currently working on the space port application and we anticipate within the next 12 months that we will have secured that," he said.

While the oil industry is undoubtedly the bread and butter of the area's economy, new industries are emerging.

"We try to level out some of the ups and downs, we've had based on changes in prices in the energy industry," Rendall said. "We focus very heavily on aerospace and aviation."

Rendall said Midlanders need to get used to making these lists.

"I think over the next few years we will continue to get this type of recognition," he said.