Jessica Rule, Owner of SHK The Advertising Firm, on Young Professional Opportunities in Midland

Jessica Rule, Owner of SHK The Advertising Firm, on Young Professional Opportunities in Midland Main Photo

9 May 2019

“As Midland has grown it’s been exciting to see how advertising has played a role in growing local businesses who previously never marketed their products or services but relied on word of mouth. We are getting a lot of new people coming to town so there is a need for local companies to tap into this new market through creative advertising,” said Jessica Rule. She should know. As the owner of SHK The Advertising Firm, Rule has a front row seat in the changes taking place in Midland and the opportunities this presents for established companies, startups and young professionals like herself.

SHK The Advertising FirmJessica Rule spent her formative years in Midland and Dallas before deciding to go to college in Fort Worth. Upon graduating from college in 2011, she began considering her career options. Open to exploring different cities, she interviewed with companies throughout the country before deciding she wanted to return home – to Midland.  “I got an exciting job offer in Midland, took it and ran with it. A lot of my friends have similar stories where after graduation, Midland companies offered either a higher salary, more attractive hours, a better compensation package, or all of the above. For many of the young professionals working here, Midland companies offered better opportunities and growth potential than what could be found elsewhere.  It’s exciting to be a young professional in a city that offers so much opportunity,” says Rule.

SHKAfter working for an agency in Midland, she decided to launch SHK The Advertising Firm in 2014 in order to bring a more creative approach to advertising campaigns. As a full-service advertising firm, they create campaigns and facilitate paid media plans, television ads, billboards, branding and local design, print advertising and more. With a focus on overall creativity, SHK works with all industry types – oil and gas, car dealerships, local college, retail stores, non-profits, etc. What makes their work unique is their view that everything from a business card to a flyer to a large marketing campaign is an opportunity to stand out from the crowd.  For example, when creating a campaign for the jewelry store Occasions, SHK designed their brochures with a 3D ring to create an exciting experience for couples looking to get engaged. These types of campaigns have resonated with local businesses and SHK is growing.

In addition to her work as an advertising executive, Rule is heavily involved in Midland through her work with local charities. She recently chaired the Boys and Girls Club gala, bringing in Terry Bradshaw to speak. She is also on the board of the Arts Council of Midland, United Way of Midland, the Midland Chamber of Commerce and on the Priority Midland Steering Committee. “I want to dedicate my time to nonprofits and organizations working to make Midland better. We have so much potential and its important to give back to the community I love,” said Rule.

When asked why she enjoys living in Midland, Rule said, “There is so much going on in Midland. Every day of the week there is something to get plugged into, which people don’t always consider when thinking about Midland. There are street markets on Saturday with drinks and vendors, black tie non-profit events on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Museum of the Southwest has music in the summer. Young Professionals of Midland has monthly events. There are kid events for families. Truly, there is something for everyone happening in Midland virtually every day of the week. Plus, since there is no traffic, it is easier to attend these events, get to and from work, and meet up with friends.”

In Midland, Jessica Rule and many of her friends have been able to have it all – a great career, vibrant social life and plentiful opportunities. “Ultimately, for me and my college friends who moved back here, the opportunities were greater starting out here than anywhere else. Many young professionals here have launched their own companies or advanced their careers in a time frame that is relatively fast, when compared to people I graduated with who started their careers in other cities. Naturally, the time frame for people getting their first home is faster in Midland as well. I attribute this to the fact that the economy is strong, young professionals start out with higher salaries, and people are focused on business growth here. Everywhere you go people are making deals – at lunch, events, dinner and even the grocery store. People know each other and want to help each other succeed and see Midland do better. The attitude that we’re in this together makes Midland an amazing place to grow a career and to live,” said Rule.

Young Professionals and Families Should Consider Moving to Midland

“I tell everyone to give it a chance. You’ve got to get to know the people because that’s the selling point of Midland. You need to get out there, participate in activities and meet people. Give it a chance, plug in and before you know it, you’ll be so attached and not want to leave. My family was supposed to be here for nine months and it turned into twenty years,” said Rule.

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