Our community is in need of a comeback

7 Jul 2017

Author: Midland Reporter - Telegram

Just when you thought it was OK to look forward and start talking about what our community’s future, the website Parabolic Arc felt the need to pile on.

Last week, the space industry blog was the first to report XCOR Aerospace was laying off its remaining employees. 

That’s right, the same XCOR Aerospace our community invested in -- or bet on -- to put Midland on the space industry map. 

It’s not $9 million-and-change down the drain -- at least not yet. XCOR officials promise to continue the fight -- and maybe one day the “flight” -- by hiring contract help and focusing on projects that offer its investors the most promise. As Parabolic Arc wrote in a subsequent entry, “XCOR Aerospace isn’t dead yet. But, it’s not in real good shape, either.” 

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