Midland Downtown Farmers’ Market is Open & Supporting Local Businesses

Midland Downtown Farmers’ Market is Open & Supporting Local Businesses Main Photo

9 Jun 2020

The Midland Downtown Farmers' Market (“MDFM”) is open for business. This local treasure is a place where local artisans, farmers, bakers, and chefs connect with community members in search of fresh and tasty treats, along with unique items and gifts. Vendors are all residents of the Permian Basin and are required to grow or make everything they sell themselves. This allows for an unmatched shopping experience with a personal touch. 

Most customers live in Midland, or are visitors to the Permian Basin area. 

“Customers range from every age and ethnicity imaginable. The oil industry has brought in a variety of cultures to our Midland area, and the MDFM is pleased to be viewed as a desirable shopping venue by them all,” said Samantha Borgstedt, MDFM Market Director.

Many of these customers continued to support vendors during the pandemic. 

“While we were closed, many vendors had pick-up and delivery order options to sell products and sustain their businesses. Customer support was unbelievable with many vendors being busier than ever. Now that our market is open with social distance guidelines in place, customers have safely visited with thoughtfulness and care to vendors and other customers. They have thankfully bought their desired items and exited the market. They have shown our vendors financial, emotional and motivational support,” Borgstedt said.

Safety Measures Being Taken During COVID-19

Anyone who is ill or is required to quarantine is asked to remain home until they are well. To ensure appropriate social distancing, the Midland Downtown Farmers' Market has instituted several guidelines that include: 

  • Hours of operation are between 8am and 11am
  • Shoppers and vendors are required to stand 6 feet apart while in line and walking through the market
  • Restrooms are currently closed
  • Masks are encouraged and many vendors are selling them
  • Contactless payments are encouraged
  • No congregating in the open spaces between booths or on the Museum's lawn 
  • Each vendor’s booth will have hand sanitizer available. Everyone should sanitize hands often, including before and after handling products.
  • There may be entrance delays if the market reaches occupancy capacity 

Midland Downtown Farmers' Market Supports Local Businesses 

The mission of MDFM is to create a sense of community and to promote local businesses, artisans, and producers. Their goal is to offer an outlet for local products and to bring the community together for events that celebrate local diversity. Supporting these vendors helps the local economy and community to thrive. 

Farmers MarketSince MDFM is open for limited hours, vendors hold down other full-time jobs while maintaining their small businesses. Among them are teachers, veterans, nurses and bank tellers. For some, the market is an opportunity to launch products and to test their marketability, while for others it is an opportunity to turn their passion into a small business. Still others, like local farmers, use the market as a way to reach customers directly without a middleman. These entrepreneurs and small business owners play a special role in making Midland a wonderful place to live. “We proudly support them and are glad to provide a safe and profitable venue for them,” Borgstedt said.

Residents are invited to return to the market, or to visit for the first time. Go to www.midlanddowntownfarmersmarket.com to learn more and plan your visit to the Midland Downtown Farmers' Market.