How Technology Is Making Data Collection for Incentives Programs Applications Easier

28 Oct 2020


The Importance of Software in Incentives Analysis
Software is becoming a bigger part of incentives analysis as clients increasingly want to use this tool. Many clients are building the internal capabilities to perform initial credits and incentives and site location analyses. They want to do some of that research on their own with their internal team prior to pulling in an advisor, or maybe they have an internal team that can handle the project from start to finish. Unless they have the ability to go to all the various jurisdictions under consideration and understand all their programs, the team’s software, depending on its capabilities, provides them with one place to research the available credits and incentives for a particular jurisdiction and allows them to understand the statutes and how they may apply to their project. These internal teams will now have the capability to perform the incentives analysis in-house. The market is asking for this, and Deloitte is working to respond to this need.

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