How Site Selection Can Help Meet Corporate Social Responsibility Commitments

18 Nov 2020


The increased role of corporate social responsibility in site selection
Corporate social responsibility is playing a major factor today in company's decisions on where they're locating their business. That's happening for a few reasons. I think companies are realizing that they need to be more conscious as to what's going on in the environment today, and they need to react to that. But primarily that's being driven by their consumers (for any company that is selling a product to the consumer base). Consumers want to know that the company is delivering on certain sustainability goals. They want to feel like they're connected to the company and that they can buy from a company or support a company, or even work for a company that aligns with their social goals as well.

I think companies are reacting to this and so what we see is a lot of companies looking at various sustainability factors in their corporate site selection decisions. That could include using green building techniques in their construction practices, looking at the utility generation, and what the makeup of the energy sources are at the company that they're ultimately going to be buying utilities from. It could be looking at the potential for purchasing or developing alternative energy resources to use in their manufacturing facility as well, or their distribution center or a data center. All of those factors are coming together now in a way that we haven't seen before. This was not a factor 10 years ago, but it certainly is a factor today.

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