Microsoft establishes new digital alliance with the state of Texas to expand education and skilling opportunities

22 Oct 2020


Microsoft Corp., in collaboration with the state of Texas, announced new programs and events to address the need for digital and technical skills in the workforce. The digital alliance is intended to create new economic opportunity, close equity and digital skills gaps, and prepare a workforce for the 21st century.

“The expansion of our Accelerate program to the state of Texas is an unparalleled opportunity to speed up the local economic recovery and bring critical digital skills to Texans,” said Kate Johnson, president of Microsoft U.S. “We hope this program will be a transformative opportunity for students, teachers, workers and the entire community.”

The effort, in collaboration with the Texas Education Agency, will provide digital skills through the Microsoft Accelerate initiative, designed to address economic recovery through skilling both underserved communities and re-skilling Americans impacted by COVID-19. In August, the company announced Accelerate: Houston and now continues its work in Texas with an expanded commitment statewide. The effort represents the continued implementation across the U.S. of Microsoft’s Global Skills Initiative, an ambitious plan to help 25 million people worldwide acquire new digital skills by the end of the year.

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