In Focus: The Evolving Role of Outdoor Spaces

6 Jan 2021


This year has been hallmarked by re-evaluation. On all levels, people have taken a second look at their habits, spaces, and lifestyles and have had to adjust greatly to meet the new needs of today. With safety as a priority, people entered their homes in March, and most have not returned to a “normal” lifestyle.

On a macro-level, spaces must be reimagined in order for people to return safely and once again participate in day-to-day activities without fear of getting sick or infecting others. One solution is moving traditionally indoor spaces outdoors. The office is a great example of how outdoor solutions can help to bring people back to a sense of normalcy.

Nature’s Influence on Our Wellbeing
It is well known that nature can have a positive impact on a human’s well-being. Simple solutions like plants and windows that look onto natural environments have been shown to boost attitudes and make people feel calmer. Prior to the pandemic, people had more engagement with nature and the outdoors, whether that was walking through a farmers’ market to get to the office or going to a nearby park for lunch. Oftentimes these outdoor spaces were also associated with social gathering and interaction with others. Without these daily activities, working from home can increase the feelings of isolation and separation.

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