How To Be Creative As An Entrepreneur

31 May 2021


You might think that creativity requires the antithesis of rules and regulation. Even the thought of being creative conjures up images of disorder. Messy rooms, paint everywhere, scraps of paper with ideas scrawled across them. The frantic creative genius works away, oblivious to the world around them. Chaos. Method in madness. Flashes of brilliance among a cluttered existence.

The best entrepreneurs are creative. They need to find ways of solving old and new problems. They picture a world that doesn’t yet exist, they bring products to life using only their imagination. They think of ways to move forward, grow bigger and stand out. Doing more with the same tools doesn’t happen by accident, it’s intentional and it requires ideas.

Consistency and creativity

Although at a glance they seem to conflict, the secret to creativity is consistency. It’s a myth that creativity has to come from chaos. Creativity rarely exists without routine and order of some sort.

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