5 Key Steps To Building A Better Industrial World

17 Jun 2021


In human and economic costs, 2020 was a year without modern precedent. 

Yet even as the world wrestled with Covid-19 and its consequences, industry stubbornly marched forward—and, finally, into recovery.  We may never “return to normal,” but that doesn’t mean we can’t get back to the business of doing business. For many, recovery is an opportunity to accelerate digital transformation efforts and to actualize years of planned technological advancement in a matter of months. In fact, according to a 2020 Forbes Insights survey, 80% of CEOs said Covid-19 accelerated the digitalization of their operations, and 64% said the pandemic accelerated the creation of new digital business models and revenue streams.

With this shift to digital, industrial leaders can create a more technologically advanced, digital-first future for the next generation and beyond. Here are five steps to do just that.

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