MDC Invests in Quality of Life, Donating to the Hispanic Cultural Center

MDC Invests in Quality of Life, Donating to the Hispanic Cultural Center Main Photo

14 Jun 2021


Midland Development Corporation is an active investor in the community, helping to strengthen the economy by creating opportunities for businesses and residents alike. Part of that mission involves supporting cultural and arts organizations that enhance the community’s quality of life. One of those investments is in the Hispanic Cultural Center (HCCMidland). HCCMidland creates artistic educational opportunities for a youth’s development and dreams while building a youth’s positive attitude toward one’s discipline, self-esteem, and pride in a multicultural group, thus promoting cultural proficiency. 

“Our partnership with the MDC has enabled HCCMidland to keep our operations going. Their investment has contributed to our being able to remodel and maintain our building, necessary for continuing our programs and events,” said Charlene Romero McBride, Director of HCCMidland.

The Hispanic Cultural Center’s vital role in the community is to engage students 5 through 18 to preserve their Hispanic heritage through education in the arts. “We encourage and support our students to continue their education and at the same time they engage in a physical program for dance and music,” said Romero McBride. “Many of our students do not participate in other extracurricular activities. Socially, they lack the confidence in themselves to participate. Through participation in our programming, we continue to see our students blossom and open up. They value their education and we always have several students graduate from the Early College High School with honors and continue their education to accomplish their dreams.”

In addition to working with Hispanic youth, HCCMidland collaborates with other community groups and organizations that promote the social, cultural, educational, and economic development of Midland. This collaboration is aligned with MDC’s own mission and key to the continued growth and success of the community.