Chris Davidson Opportunity Park Creates Play Opportunities for Children of All Abilities, With Help from the MDC

Chris Davidson Opportunity Park Creates Play Opportunities for Children of All Abilities, With Help from the MDC Main Photo

12 Jul 2021


Chris Davidson Opportunity Park offers hands-on experiences that provide children of all ages and abilities with the opportunity to explore, learn, and become engaged in the community where they live and work. Research shows that meaningful play enhances children's physical and emotional health as well as their social well-being by teaching critical skills that will aid them in their development in future years. The Chris Davidson Opportunity Park is unique in that the design ensures no children are kept out of these play opportunities due to their individual abilities. 

The park’s development was supported by stakeholders throughout the community, including the MDC. “The significant financial support granted by the MDC was a difference-maker. Their generous financial support as well as words of encouragement lifted our spirits and made it possible for the campaign to advance to a point where we felt the finish line was in sight,” said Steve Davidson. 

There are economic benefits to quality of life investments as well as social and educational ones. The park provides Midland families and their children with access to a broader array of recreational opportunities, which have become an important part of the ongoing effort to diversify Midland’s economy. “The demand for open spaces and green areas has also become more evident in the last few years.  Development trends report that families with children, grandparents as well as the general population prefer to live in a community that offers all of its citizens a wide variety of activities in an inclusive environment.  By recognizing the strengths, individuality, dignity, and abilities of all people, disabled as well as non-disabled the "quality of life," for all residents of the community will be enhanced,” said Davidson. 

Although privately owned by the Bush Tennis Center, the park is a community asset and open to all. They ask that all of those who play at the park support the extensive efforts to maintain it for everyone's enjoyment. 

“Chris Davidson Opportunity Park at Bush Tennis Center exists because of the generosity of so many foundations, businesses, organizations, and public entities such as Midland Development Corporation.  As a result, future generations of Midland families and their children will have the opportunity to see, feel and discover the joy of play and the "quality of life," for all residents will improve dramatically,” Davidson concluded.