Maximum Impact: Saving Time and Money with BIM 360

23 Aug 2021


When it comes to efficiency, minimizing less-than-productive meeting time, file transfer, and rework time are key to optimizing project schedules — hazards are lost time and lost money.

Collaborative software like BIM 360 reduces time spent in meetings and expedites handoffs, while also effectively eliminating rework by storing data and tracking progress from one central portal. This need has become even more evident as the world entered into the global pandemic. Anyone from anywhere can access project data as long as they have an Internet connection. The ability to work remotely is now a critical infrastructure need no matter who you are.

Also, designing with 3D modeling technology allows owners to visualize progress throughout project execution as well as the finished product, speeding decision-making and reducing expensive physical changes in the field because problems can be detected in the model and addressed early. As the technology takes hold, there are an increasing number of examples from which project teams and stakeholders can learn best practices. Following are key advantages and drivers of BIM 360.

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