Front Line: U.S. Supply Chains Face Critical Stage

15 Sep 2021


It’s too soon to gauge the ultimate result of the Biden administration’s efforts to address long-standing vulnerabilities in the nation’s supply chains. But findings from the comprehensive Executive Order (E.O.) 14017 “America’s Supply Chains” released on June 8th set out to put the nation on a stronger course. Following the release of the report, officials told reporters during a White House briefing that the administration had created a task force that would tackle near-term bottlenecks in construction, transportation, semiconductor production, and agriculture. The group would be led by President Biden’s Cabinet secretaries.

Some in industry view the effort as much needed. Others, such as some who work in logistics, remark off the record that it has little substance.

Need for More Security and Resiliency
Whatever the viewpoint, the voluminous 250-page document is the result of a 100-day effort by more than a dozen federal departments and agencies and hundreds of stakeholders from labor, business, academic institutions, Congress, and U.S. allies and partners who were asked to consider how to make U.S. supply chains more secure and resilient for national security, economic security, and technological leadership.

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