Gen Z Customers Want More. This 3-Step Strategy Will Help Your Company Give It to Them.

30 Sep 2022


A company hoping to capture the attention of Gen Z and millennial consumers today can't ignore its corporate social responsibility (CSR) program — that synthesis of tenets like accountability, sustainability and philanthropy, which build up a brand's reputation and, ideally, make the planet a better place. And it's not just consumers who want to put their money towards positive change: Research shows that 70% of investors want to invest in companies with values that align with their own.

Recently, the Covid-19 pandemic thrust CSR efforts into the spotlight, as many consumers wanted their brands of choice to step up during the crisis. But CSR as we know it now was actually coined back in the 1970s, when the idea of the "social contract" between business and society was declared by the Committee for Economic Development.

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