Fixing the Supply Chain with AI and Robotics

1 Oct 2022


One of the many lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic was just how fragile the global supply chain is. For decades, much energy has been spent streamlining the supply chain, building efficiencies, and finding low-cost options — but the result has been an increased vulnerability to shutdowns, labor shortages, and other disruptions tied not just to the pandemic but also to the global economy and the war in Ukraine.

“With COVID, the level of volatility in supply chains rose to a level that was unprecedented and caught a lot of people by surprise — and not in a very good position,” says Claudio Knizek, global leader of Advanced Manufacturing and Mobility at EY-Parthenon. “There’s always been interest and appetite to understand and predict the supply chain, but now more than ever many companies are looking for technologies and software to predict supply chain issues before they happen.”

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