Solar energy keeps oil flowing in Texas

28 Apr 2019

Enough panels to light up Dallas by ’22

Texas, home to the world's largest oil reserve and America's biggest source of coal-fired power, is on the verge of a clean-energy boom.

Wind already supplies about 15 percent of Texas' electricity, enough to meet the state's quota for renewable energy. And developers are about to quadruple the state's solar capacity, adding enough panels by 2022 to light up all of Dallas.

They won't just power homes. Solar developers are responding to demand from oil and gas drillers, whose booming operations are gobbling up electricity and pushing prices to spikes above $1,000 a megawatt-hour.

Texas isn't offering the types of incentives that have spurred clean-energy booms elsewhere. That means, in Texas, companies are turning to solar based purely on economics.

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