Apprenticeships Are Key to Building a Workforce for the Future

10 Jun 2019

Apprenticeships are powerful economic development tools, with long-term commitment and collaboration among key players including chambers of commerce, economic development groups, business and industry leaders, public schools and community colleges.

Apprenticeships are an important tool for recruiting and retaining talent, especially as jobs become more technical and specialized. Through apprenticeships, companies can ensure they have a steady supply of highly qualified employees, with all the skills they need to do increasingly advanced jobs. With a focus on advanced manufacturing and automation, apprenticeships are also an excellent way to stay current on the new technologies that give companies a competitive edge in the marketplace. 

In addition, “apprenticeships create more loyal employees who stay with the business, often for their entire careers,” notes Sven Gerzer, vice president of Economic Development for Europe, India and North America for the Charlotte Regional Business Alliance, a regional EDO centered on Charlotte that includes 15 surrounding counties. “For the Charlotte region, apprenticeships are crucial for workforce development and economic development,” Gerzer adds. 

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