The History of Texas’ Startup Ecosystem

17 Jun 2019

Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of UT’s Austin Technology Incubator

Austin’s status as an entrepreneurial hotbed is undeniable. A 2018 study from the Chamber of Commerce found that startups make up a larger percentage of businesses in Austin than in nearly any other major U.S. metropolitan area.

Although the startup culture that exists in Austin today seems relatively new, its foundation was laid decades ago and has been maintained ever since by the Austin Technology Incubator (ATI). ATI is the deep technology incubator of The University of Texas at Austin that works with university and community entrepreneurs to commercialize breakthrough innovations. It helps entrepreneurs and startups by providing mentors, tools, resources and connections for founders to grow and attain funding. ATI benefits students, faculty members and the state of Texas. It provides an educational experience for both undergraduate and graduate students, a research laboratory for entrepreneurs and tech ventures, and economic stimulation for the Central Texas area and beyond.

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