MDC makes investments in Midland’s future

MDC makes investments in Midland’s future Main Photo

1 Nov 2019

Infrastructure, roads, education, healthcare, jobs: the Midland Development Corporation acts as an investment fund, making key contributions to projects and initiatives that would otherwise be unattainable for our community. The MDC’s structure as a Type A economic development corporation, governed by state statute, enables it to form partnerships and make investments that are difficult or impossible for the City of Midland to accomplish on its own.


Since 2010, the MDC has invested over $40 million in Midland’s roads, infrastructure, and municipal utilities. Partnering with the City of Midland, over a dozen projects have been completed or are in progress, including:

  • The acquisition of right-of-way to extend Fairgrounds Road north
  • Major street and drainage improvements at the intersection of Carver Street and Scharbauer Drive
  • Urgent safety and capacity improvements along State Highway 349
  • The widening of Briarwood Avenue to accommodate new residential construction
  • The extension of Tradewinds Boulevard, opening a new retail, commercial, and residential corridor in west Midland

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