Cruz: ‘D.C. is a little crazy right now’

19 May 2017

Author: Midland Reporter - Telegram

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz was back in West Texas this weekend to meet with local leaders and spread his message that he and other Republicans intend to keep the promises they made to voters in November.

Despite having majorities in the House, Senate and control of the White House, the seemingly never-ending controversy surrounding President Donald Trump hasn’t made his job easy.

“D.C. is a little crazy right now,” Cruz told media Saturday during a press conference at Midland International Air & Space Port. The senator from Texas tries his best to keep his mind on the mission. “In my approach, I try to ignore the circus. I try to ignore the hyperventilating voices on the cable news networks and focus on substance. We’ve got a job to do. This is an historic opportunity.”

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