Midland Downtown Farmers Market Doubles in Size With Help from the MDC

Midland Downtown Farmers Market Doubles in Size With Help from the MDC Main Photo

28 Jun 2021


The MDC invests in organizations that enhance the quality of life for local residents. One of those organizations is the Midland Downtown Farmers Market (MDFM). “Our partnership with the MDC has allowed us to grow our market in both size of vendors and customers. We have more than doubled in size of vendors in 2021 from any other year, thanks to support from MDC. Their investment has allowed us to spend more on advertising and outreach. With a growing number of vendors, we have seen customer crowds reaching 2,000+ come and go the past few Saturday mornings. We look forward to this Summer 2021 when our vendor numbers reach their peak as produce production is at its highest,” said Samantha Borgstedt, MDFM Market Director.

The Midland Downtown Farmers Market (MDFM) provides a family-friendly atmosphere for the community to come together each Saturday morning in a safe and upbeat environment to support local small businesses. MDFM provides a low-cost venue for these small, local businesses to sell their products, make a profit, and bring brand awareness to their company. “Many of our vendors are retirees, military veterans, teachers, and hard-working parents trying to earn extra income for their families. We are proud to serve each and every one of our vendors. Promoting the MDFM as a whole promotes and supports each vendor and the entrepreneurial spirit of our community,” said Borgstedt.

Growing customer crowds have resulted in higher sales for vendors. Reported sales from several consistent vendors show 60 percent more sales thus far in 2021 compared to 2019 and 2020. “We hope all our MDFM vendors experience at least a 25% increase in sales this 2021 season as compared to years past,” said Borgstedt.  “This, again, is thanks to our partnership with MDC which has allowed us to increase advertising and promotion of our Saturday markets.”

She encourages Midland residents to visit the market. “If you have not experienced MDFM, I greatly encourage you to do so. The atmosphere radiates with smiling faces and positive vibes. I like to say that our vendors not only provide goods and services but contagious happiness. It truly is the perfect place to find produce, baked goods, and one-of-a-kind gifts and products unique to the Permian Basin. Our market is one of the few that does not allow resale. When you purchase something at MDFM, you know it was made by the vendor you are buying it from. Your money is supporting that vendor, generating local economic impact, and bettering your community.”