Why Young Families are Moving to Midland

Why Young Families are Moving to Midland Main Photo

30 Sep 2019

Young families are moving to Midland, Texas in large numbers. Some are returning home after having attended college and started their careers in other states. Others are headed to Midland for the first time to take advantage of the many career opportunities that can be found here. When it comes to Midland, there are unlimited opportunities for people who wish to build a future for themselves and for their children. 

5 Reasons Young Families are Moving to Midland

When speaking with young professionals and young families, several of Midland’s benefits stand out. 

#1 Midland has high-paying jobs and companies offer upward mobility.

People make more money in Midland than the national average. In Midland, the average household income is $67,144 per year, while the U.S. average is $53,482. That’s a significant difference, and for young families, that income bump can make life a lot more enjoyable. Plus, Midland businesses are growing rapidly. This has created an environment where young professionals can quickly earn promotions and advance in their chosen field. It is common for people to move here after college and immediately make more and have better opportunities than peers working in other cities. 

#2 It’s easy to get plugged in and feel connected. 

People are friendly in Midland and the community is welcoming to newcomers. Community engagement and volunteerism are cornerstones of Midland, so it’s easy to get plugged in, make connections and become part of the fabric of the community.

#3 There is a high quality of life in Midland. 

Midlanders benefit from more disposable income and the ability to enjoy all of Midland’s amenities like a vibrant downtown, unique shops and restaurants, museums, and artistic performances. The Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center in Midland hosts stunning performances like a presentation of Swan Lake by the Russian Ballet Theatre. Those who enjoy spending time outdoors can spend the afternoon with their children swimming at Midland’s many public and private pools, biking, hiking, or playing at one of 31 neighborhood parks, including the completely refurbished, long-beloved Dennis the Menace Park, which boasts a splash pad, a new baseball field, a treehouse playground, an Old West adventure play area, and an airplane adventure area that is completely ADA-accessible for kids of all ages.

#4 Midland’s school system offers good opportunities. 

Midland PlaygroundThe Midland Independent School District offers diverse educational opportunities for students, giving parents more flexibility in how to educate their children. For example, the Early College High School at Midland College gives students the opportunity to earn college credits before graduating. MISD was also one of the first System of Great Schools districts in Texas.

#5 Less traffic equals more time with family. 

With less traffic and shorter commutes than larger cities, young families truly appreciate how quickly they can get from home from work and school, to soccer practice, the movies, or out to dinner. Anyone who is tired of sitting in traffic during a lengthy commute will find welcome relief in Midland. 

Build Your Family’s Future in Midland

There are unlimited opportunities in Midland for young families looking to put down roots, grow and succeed. With the relentless stresses of modern life, finding a community where you can build a career, keep your children safe and happy, and have plenty to do on the weekends is no easy task. All of that is available in Midland. We invite you to explore your career opportunities here and to join other young families in building a bright future in Midland.