Midland MSA has Nation's Highest Personal Income

Midland MSA has Nation's Highest Personal Income Main Photo

14 Nov 2019



In 2018, personal income increased in 3,019 counties, decreased in 91, and was unchanged in 3, according to estimates released today by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA). Personal income increased 5.7 percent in the metropolitan portion of the United States and increased 4.8 percent in the nonmetropolitan portion (Table A). In metropolitan counties, the percent change in personal income ranged from -3.2 percent in Lynn County, Texas to 17.5 percent in Midland County, Texas. In nonmetropolitan counties, it ranged from -20.8 percent in Sherman County, Texas, to 64.5 percent in Issaquena County, Mississippi (BEA interactive data).

Source: BEA.gov

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