Midland’s Growth Creates Opportunities

Midland’s Growth Creates Opportunities Main Photo

17 Dec 2019

Midland has gained national attention for the rapid and sustainable, growth taking place within the community. In this decade alone, Midland’s population has grown by 30 percent. We now have more than 142,000 residents calling the city home, creating significant opportunities. New residents require housing, dining, and shopping, and need services from doctors, lawyers, CPAs, landscapers, and plumbers. In short, if you are an entrepreneur or small business owner, now is an excellent time to be in Midland. 

It is projected that Midland’s population will continue to grow, reaching 250,000 by 2030. With growth like this, small businesses have the opportunity for exponential growth. This is positively impacting established businesses while making it possible for young professionals and entrepreneurs to venture out on their own. 

Jessica Rule, owner of SHK The Advertising Firm, is an example of a young professional building a company in Midland. She launched her business only a few years out of college, and it has been growing steadily ever since. “We are getting a lot of new people coming to town so there is a need for local companies to tap into this new market through creative advertising,” said Jessica. “It’s exciting to be a young professional in a city that offers so much opportunity.”

The infrastructure is in place to support businesses like SHK. For example, the Midland Entrepreneurial Challenge has supported and helped to launch several companies. The Small Business Development Center has also been instrumental in supporting entrepreneurs by offering businesses guidance and support with issues ranging from business planning to funding to identifying employees. This type of support is working: Midland has one of the highest percentages of startups per capita in the country.

For entrepreneurs, there is no better place to be than Midland. 

There are also opportunities in Midland for anyone who wants to grow their career. Companies are hiring, and so is the local school system and government. Regardless of what your degree is in, there is likely to be a good position waiting for you in Midland. Employers pay well and the chance to advance within a position is high.

Families also benefit from Midland’s growth. As more people move to the community, there are additional funds to pay for parks and quality of life initiatives. The Centennial Park project downtown is a perfect example: the 4-acre downtown park will have a performance stage, pavilion, dog park, playground, splash pad, and a tree-lined promenade, making it an ideal place to spend the afternoon. 

Growth can be challenging, but Midland is facing its future head-on and capitalizing on the opportunities being created for families, businesses and young people. The MDC is at the forefront of this planning and will continue to look ahead, identifying strategies for sustainable and beneficial growth.