Midland, Texas is pro-business and pro-growth.

International companies have made their home here, as have innovators, entrepreneurs, family businesses, and those looking to grow and thrive. We make it easy to get things done in Midland and work hard to provide businesses with the support they need to succeed. If you are interested in relocating to Midland, we can provide demographic data, economic information, tools, and resources to make it easier to choose Midland, as so many companies have. In fact, Midland was named the 5th most desired place for corporations to move to in Site Selection Magazine in 2014.

We also offer free GIS planning tools, industry information, the ability to compare communities, and create community profiles. With a free universal reporting tool built into our website, site selectors and executives can access the information, create a printable or downloadable report and begin making strategic decisions.

In addition, the MDC staff is always available to answer questions, gather necessary demographic data, help to identify potential locations, and make introductions to anyone else that could be a strategic resource. We recommend that site selectors first begin by using our GIS planning tools and then contacting us for additional support.