Anadarko receives in-state tuition for employees relocating to Texas

9 Aug 2017

Author: Office of the Governor Economic Development & Tourism

August 4, 2017

Dr. Raymund A. Paredes

Commissioner of Higher Education

Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board

P.O. Box 12788

Austin, Texas 78711


Dear Dr. Paredes:

This letter is to inform you the Office of Economic Development and Tourism has certified Anadarko Petroleum Corporation ("Anadarko") for use of Section 54.222 of the Texas Education Code regarding in-state tuition for employees or family members relocating to Texas.

Anadarko's Midland regional headquarters will create 250 new jobs at an estimated average annual wage of $100,000. The project will have an estimated capital investment of $l billion.

In recognition of the company's positive impact to the Texas economy, the Office of Economic Development and Tourism is pleased to extend the economic development tuition waiver to the employees of Anadarko, along with their direct family members, for its expansion in Midland. This eligibility is to remain éffective through August, 2022.

If you have any questions, please contact Baber Haider at 512-936-0291



Economic Development and Tourism

Office of the Governor

cc: Dalon Schuckman, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation

Pam Welch, Midland Development Corporation

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